Disability Insurance Information

Multnomah Bar Association

Your MBA membership offers many great benefits – including an exciting NEW opportunity to protect your most valuable asset, your income. The Personal Paycheck Power coverage from Illinois Mutual can help you pay basic monthly living expenses if you become sick or injured and unable to work.

This income protection is exclusively available – at discounted rates – to MBA members and their employees. This coverage offers many great features such as repaying ALL premiums to policy holders who never have a claim.

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Discover how affordable income protection coverage can be. MBA automatically receive a 5% discount.


For questions, contact Rob Metler from ezdiquote.com by phone (503.577.0190) or email.

Disability Insurance

About the Coverage

  • 5% discounts on premium

  • return of premium

  • premiums never increase

  • policies owned by the insured

  • flexible benefit design

Working Together

EZDIQuote and Aldrich

ezdiquote.com is excited to partner with Aldrich Advisors and Illinois Mutual to offer this valuable coverage as part of your overall employee benefit package.

Return of Premium RIder

Don‘t Lose It – If you Don’t Use It

The Return of Premium Rider provides coverage if you need it and puts money back in your pocket if you don’t. After the benefit period (between ages 65 and 67), policy holders are eligible to receive a refund of 100% of the money spent on policy premiums, less any benefits already paid.

Income Protection for All

Help Those Who Help You

This MBA membership benefit can also be extended to others in your practice or firm.

Illinois Mutual Personal Paycheck Power

How Long Could You Survive Without a Paycheck?

Providing for your family is important. Your income allows you to maintain your standard of living, pay bills, save for the future and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. In short, it provides the foundation for life as you know it. But what if you couldn’t work to earn your income?

Disability income insurance (DI) can provide a monthly benefit to help you pay your basic expenses should you become sick or hurt and Totally Disabled. Personal Paycheck Power® from Illinois Mutual is an individual DI plan that helps safeguard your financial future if you suddenly became unable to work.

Personal Paycheck Power Rider

Protect Your Family and Your Practice


Sean Cresap owns a small business – probably not much different than yours. He has a lot of people depending on him, including his wife, children and his employees at Cresap Orthotics and Prosthetics. In the Wenatchee, WA area, many children and adults also count on Sean’s business to create the braces and prosthetics they need for daily living.

“I saw the writing on the wall in terms of the importance of being able to provide for my family and my employees, too,” said Sean. Disability insurance made perfect sense to Sean and his agent, Todd Radwick, who guided him through the process. Sean’s family and business are ready for the unexpected because he has disability income protection along with disability business overhead expense protection.